Foot and heel shock absorbers (Parallel Import) View larger

Foot and heel shock absorbers (Parallel Import)

Product Size: S(22 - 24.5cm), L(25-27.5cm)


Product Description:

1. Nylon and polyurethane.

2. When you walk or run, your heels produce a strong impact, which can worsen the symptoms of people with pain in the legs, knees and lower back and delay recovery.

3. This product uses “Turbo®”, an artificial muscle that protects the body. The “Turbo®” born in the British medical field is considered to be an artificial muscle in the medical field, which can achieve amazing shock absorption and pressure dispersion. performance.

4. Suppress the heel impact and friction, reducing the impact on the foot.

5. With locking function.

6. There is a shock absorption effect on the heel.

7. Soften the effects of the heel and support your legs, knees, and hips.

8. Comfortably fits the user and natural antibacterial deodorant.

9. Made in Japan.

HKD $285

Size S / L

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