Activity pants (medium) (Parallel import)

Product Size: S - M / L


Product Description:

1. The surface material is a polyolefin nonwoven fabric.

2. The stretchable material is polyurethane.

3. The water absorbing material is cotton pulp, the polymer water absorbing material is a binder, and the styrene elastomer synthetic resin.

4. The waterproof material is a polyolefin film.

5. After wearing, you can move as you like.

6. Since the shape of the shorts that fits through the three-dimensional stretch can also maintain the fit with the body lines, even if the body moves, it will not easily move.

7. Deodorant polymer combination with the deodorizing effect of Armonia.

8. The absorption is 50CC.

9. Made in Japan.

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HKD $63

Size S - M / L

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