Meal Bib (Parallel Import)

Product Size: 75(cm)Width, 90(cm)Length, 24-42(cm)Neck Circumference


Product Description:

1. 100% polyester.

2. You can use the Velcro to adjust the neck width freely, and you can freely change the suitable apron neck according to the user's actual situation.

3. The large area design can cover the shoulders more firmly and prevent the clothes from being stained when eating.

4. The apron for meals can be put into the washing machine for cleaning and easy to replace.

5. It can be dried in a dryer with a maximum temperature of 60 degrees.

6. Available in blue, pink and green.

7. Japanese brand.

HKD $92

Length 90cm
Width 75cm
Adjustable neck circumference 24 - 42cm

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