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  • HKD $2,100

    Product Size : 46(cm)Width, 38 - 46(cm)Depth, 65 - 75 (cm)Height, 33 - 43 (cm) 6-position adjustable backrest height 15(cm) Thickness after foldingNet Weight: 4KGWeight Capacity: 100KG Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy body bracket for better oxidation resistance.2. The seat back pad and armrest plus EVA resin synthetic rubber are more comfortable and...

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  • HKD $320

    Product Size: 44(cm) Length, 20(cm) Width, 15(cm) ThickNet weight: 2.14KG Product description:1. Non-slip surface treatment, safe and reliable grip, comfortable and durable.2. Lightweight design for easy transfer.3. Toolless installation.

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  • HKD $388

    Product size: 40.7 (cm) Seat Length, 36.9 (cm) Seat Width, 15.2(cm) Seat Height Product description:1. PP injection molding.2. Anti-fouling and easy to clean.3. It can reduce the magnitude of the user's sit and stand up and reduce the burden on the waist and feet.4. Available with 2", 4" and 6" options.

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  • HKD $460

    Product Size: 52.5(cm)Width, 80.5 - 98.5(cm)Height adjustment, 50(cm)DepthNet Weight: 2.5KGWeight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy pipe, light and durable.2. HDPE plastic bath board.3. Easy to carry, save space for storage.4. Adjustable leg tube.5. Equipped with a push button switch for quick and easy hand grip.6. With multi-purpose...

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  • HKD $304

    Product Size: S - LL                    S: 38(cm)Width X 40(cm)Length                    M: 38(cm)Width X 55(cm)Length                    L: 38(cm)Width X 70(cm)Length                   LL: 38(cm)Width X 85(cm)Length Net Weight: about 1.7KG   Product Description: 1. Synthetic rubber material. 2. Safety mat with drain holes. 3. The design with a triangular...

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  • HKD $1,944

    Product Size: 36(cm)Length, 74(cm)Width, 3.5(cm)Thickness Net Weight: 3.4kg Weight Capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Polypropylene main body, fixed tool core, handle, elastic non-slip cap, fixed anti-slip, polyacetal skateboard, fixing screws. 2. Reduce the burden on the buttocks, round and easy to enter and exit. 3. It is easy to see the easy...

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  • HKD $509 HKD $980

    Product Size: 40.5(cm) Width, 40 - 46.5(cm) Depth, 55 - 65(cm) Height, 31.5 - 41.5(cm) Height adjustable 6-speed, 20(cm) Folding Thickness, 77 - 88(cm) Folding Height, 33(cm) Seat widthNet Weight: 4.1KGWeight Capacity: 100KG   Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy main frame, better anti-oxidation effect.2. The seat back pad and armrest plus EVA resin...

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  • HKD $669

    Product Size:Pipe diameter 30 x 40(cm)Length   Product Description:1. The armrest tube is wrapped with rubber for added comfort.2. Available in pink blue, pink and brown.3. Japanese products.

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  • HKD $2,566

    Product size: 74(cm)Length, 36(cm)Width, 3.8(cm)Thickness, 6(cm)Seat height Net Weight: 3.1KG   Product Description: 1. With safety rails, users are safer when entering and leaving the bathtub. 2. According to personal needs, the safety rails can be fixed and fixed by themselves. 3. The bathing board has a rotatable seat plate that allows the user to...

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  • HKD $350

    Product size: 70  cm x 90 cm Product description: 1. Deodorant, Waterproof, Non-slip carpet.For Portable toilet.  2. Containing green tea catechin to effectively remove the smell of Ammonia. 3. Suitable for placement under a portable toilet seat or nearly the bed. 4. Prevents dirt on the floor.  5. Can be washed by washing machine and easy to clean.  6....

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  • HKD $1,284

    Product Size: 41(cm)Length, 37(cm)Width, 16(cm)Height Net Weight: 2kg Weight Capacity: 120kg   Product Description: 1. High-density polyurethane (PVC coating), polypropylene cover. 2. 11 cm pad height. 3. The inner hole is 22cm length x 26cm width. 4. Ergonomic body design. 5. The surface is PVC coated for easy cleaning. 6. The interior is made of...

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  • HKD $1,011

    Product Size: 53(cm)Length, 49(cm)Width, 66 - 76(cm)Height adjustment, 34/36.5/39/41.5/44(cm)Seat Height adjustment, 40(cm)Seat width, 37(cm)Depth Net Weight: 2.8kg Weight capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Aluminum alloy body bracket for better oxidation resistance. 2. U-shaped groove, because it can be cleaned when sitting down, it can not only...

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