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  • HKD $1,365

    Product Size: Length x Width: 63cm x 50cmNet Weight: 2.7kg Product Description:1. Tool free and easy to install.2. The surface material is made of polypropylene, which is impact resistant and easy to clean.3. Suitable for wheelchairs with a seat width of 38-42 cm.

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  • HKD $399

    Product Size: 85-150(cm)Adjustable Length  5(cm)WidthProduct Description:1. The ADE buckle type is easy to buckle and separate.2. Use 100% polyester material.3. Japanese brand.

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  • HKD $276

    The price is for a pair of product. Product Size: M: Suitable for 20 - 22 inch tiresS: Suitable for 15 - 16 inch tires Product Description: 1. Stretch sponge material for easy to damage floors.2. Tire covers for indoor use to avoid bringing tire dirt into the room.3. Available in red, green and basket colors.

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  • HKD $282

    Product Size: Length x Width: 7cm x 4cm Product Description1. 12x horizontal magnification.2. Fisheye rearview mirror with free angle adjustment.3. Easy to install without tools.

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  • HKD $230

    Product Size: 4.8(cm) Width x 2.5(cm) Height Product Description: 1. There are 3 options for strong light, high speed flashing and low speed flashing.2. It is fixed without a tool and fixed with a strap.3. 3A battery x 3.4. Available in black and white.

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  • HKD $983

    Product Size : 40(cm)Width, 50(cm)Depth, 40(cm)Height Product Description: 1. The support frame is made of steel and the sunshade is made of nylon.2. Simply install the small screws in the rear tube of the wheelchair.3. If you purchase a high back frame accessory ($473), the umbrella can be mounted on the back of the tilting wheelchair.4. It has anti-UV...

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  • HKD $428

    Product Size: One Size For All   Product Description: 1. 100%PU coating polyester fiber. 2. Quick and easy dressing and undressing design. 3. Use a highly waterproof fabric that is moisture and water resistant. 4. A raincoat storage bag is attached. 5. Japanese brand.

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  • HKD $1,100 HKD $1,400

    Also providing rental service, for detailed rental details, please contact us. Product Size: 89(cm)Height, 40(cm)Backrest Height, 46(cm)Backrest Width, 36(cm)Backrest Depth Net Weight: 8KG Weight Capacity: 110KG   Product Description: 1. The wheelchair frame is 7003 aerospace aluminum alloy, which is lighter than the ordinary aluminum alloy frame. 2. The...

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  • HKD $60

    Product size: 22 - 25 (cm) M Size, 25 - 29 (cm) L Size Product description:1. 100% vinyl chloride material is soft, high strength; has good air tightness and water impermeability. 2. The product is small and suitable for storage and carrying. 3. Japanese Brand.

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  • HKD $109

    Product Size: 0.5(cm)Width, 49(cm)Length   Product Description:1. Improve night visibility.2. If it is attached to a wheelchair or silver frame, it will strongly reflect the light of the body at night, allowing the user to clearly see the position.3. It has excellent weather resistance and can maintain high performance for a long time even outdoors.4....

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  • HKD $3,873

    Product Type: S-70G2 Product Size: 73.5(cm)Length X 73.5(cm)Width Weight Capacity: 300KG   Product Description: 1. Glass fiber FRP material. 2. Easy to use in different situations. 3. Two steps board type, lightweight, very compact between board to boards. 4. A dedicated bag is attached for easy carrying and storage. 5. Made in Japan.

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  • HKD $286

    Product Size: 3(cm)Height, 80(cm)Width, 11.5(cm)Length, 14 ° tilt angle, 2(cm) width at both ends   Product Description:1. Accessibility aids for entrances and exits designed for Western-style rooms.2. It is convenient for wheelchairs to pass easily.3. Special auxiliary equipment with Japanese-style room design, 100(cm)Width. 4. Made in Japan.

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