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  • HKD $9,980

    Product size: 450mm x 300mm x 550mm   Net weight: 16.5kg Features: *Medical grade 5-liter oxygen generator. *Lithium molecular sieve imported from France has high oxygen production efficiency. * Patented condensate drainage design, long service life. *Top compressor, stable oxygen supply. *Removable luminous water tank, air nozzle to protect the...

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  • HKD $8,500

    Product size: 360 × 300 × 600mm Net weight: 18kg   Features: *Medical grade 5-liter oxygen generator. *American special compressor. *All aluminum alloy France molecular sieve, stable oxygen supply. *American 6PSI humidifying bottle. *The European Union axial flow fan can run continuously for 24 hours. *Medical grade copper tube aluminum fin...

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