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    Product Size: 38(cm)Width, 38(cm)Height, 9(cm)Depth Capacity: 4L   Product Description: 1. Nylon material. 2. Can accommodate a large number of items when going out. 3. The built-in small storage bag has 3 transparent pockets and 1 opaque pocket. 4. Installation method can be used by simply placing the hook on the back of the wheelchair. 5. If you remove...

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  • HKD $794

    Product Size: 45(cm)Length, 15(cm)Width   Product Description: 1. Synthetic rubber material. 2. The wheelchair pedal support guard is designed to prevent injury to the back of the wheelchair pedal when the wheelchair pedal is turned over. 3. For elderly people with weak muscles and weak immunity, skin injuries can cause serious injury. 4. This mat...

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  • HKD $1,944

    Product Size: 57.5(cm)Length Net Weight: 730g Weight Capacity: 1kg   Product Description: 1. Specially designed, patented products that can be photographed using cameras and mobile phones even if they are in bed or need wheelchair assistance. 2. The pipe diameter can be fixed on the 17-32mm pipe, and the smartphone and camera can be installed. 3. The...

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