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    Product Size: 49(cm)Length, 60(cm)Width, 76.5 - 94(cm)Height adjustment Net weight: 2.71kg Weight Capacity: 113kg   Product Description: 1. It adopts 25.4mm diameter high-quality aluminum alloy pipe with steel crossbar in the middle to increase strength and stability. 2. (76.5 - 94cm) for height adjustment, suitable for people of different heights. 3....

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    Product Size: 52.5(cm) Width, 80.5 - 98.5(cm) Height Adjustment, 50(cm) DepthNet Weight: 4.3KGWeight Capacity: 136KG Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy pipe, light and durable.2. Can move forward or backward interactively or step by step.3. The high and low armrests are designed to facilitate multi-stage support when the user is sitting or standing,...

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