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    Product Size: 13.5(cm)Length, 20(cm)Width Capacity: 45 sheets / package   Product Description: 1. PG (propylene glycol), benzoic acid, water, tea extract. 2. Disinfect the surrounding items and wipe the dirt on your child's hands. 3. With the push of a button, you can quickly remove a piece of paper with one hand. 4. The patented "soft V-notch" improves...

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    Product Size: 37.5 X 28cm Product Description:1. Soft water-absorbent disposable material.2. Suitable for cleaning after a sticky note.3. 50/piece/package4. Minimum order 10 packs

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    Product Size: 15(cm)Length, 1.2(cm)Width, 2.8(cm)Brush head length   Product Description: 1. The body is made of paper, and cotton brush head. 2. Suitable for oral massage and cleaning, soft cotton and strong paper shaft. 3. It's hard to wear, so you can stimulate your mouth very well. 4. Use unevenly processed cotton to scrape fine dirt. 5. Because the...

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    Product Size:20cm x 15cm   Product Description:1. Soft and fragrance-free, disposable toilet material.2. Suitable for cleaning after a sticky note.3. 100/piece/package.4. Minimum order 10 packs.5. Made in Japan.

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    Product Size: 12 bags / 25 packs   Product Description: 1. Silicone, spices, propylene glycol. 2. More than 99% of the aphid suppression effect! 3. Natural aroma to prevent mites. 4. Simply place it in your home, such as under a cushion or pillow, in a drawer or in a food storage room. 5. Use with daily cleaning as a countermeasure against allergens in...

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    Net Weight:320ml Product Description: 1. Dedicated replacement kit for Deodorant spray.

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    Capacity:370ml   Product Description:1. Ingredients are nonionic surfactants, perfume, citric acid, photoactive, and ethanol.2. Exudes the aroma of soap.3. Use photoactive ingredients to break down the odor of sebum and dirt.4. Remove the urine smell of the bedding by citric acid.5. Use of fiber materials.6. A replacement kit is available for purchase...

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    Capacity: 17ml   Product Description: 1. Essential oil, mildew deodorant, DPG. 2. Odor and mold prevention, no strong irritating ingredients, just stick to the bathroom wall. 3. Deodorize the fragrance and just stick it to prevent mold in the bathroom. 4. Simply install it after cleaning the adhesive. 5. Use “scent” to inhibit mold growth without the use...

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    Product Size: 7.2(cm)Height, 9.0(cm)Width, 8.2(cm)Depth   Product Description: 1. A small tooth cleaner for dentures that removes dirt by the slight vibration of sound waves. 2. By generating micro-vibrations in the water, the vibration waves float and remove dirt. 3. AA manganese battery x 2 pieces. 4. Energy-saving AA manganese battery can be used for...

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    Product Size: 11.8(cm)Width, 15(cm)Depth, 5(cm)Height Net Weight: 170g   Product Description: 1. ABS resin body, polypropylene brush, nylon bristles. 2. A stylish insert toothbrush made by a dental technician. 3. The bottom has a non-slip function and can be used with one hand. 4. By polishing yourself, you can expect the caregiver's burden to be reduced...

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