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    Product Size: 13.5(cm)Length, 20(cm)Width Capacity: 45 sheets / package   Product Description: 1. PG (propylene glycol), benzoic acid, water, tea extract. 2. Disinfect the surrounding items and wipe the dirt on your child's hands. 3. With the push of a button, you can quickly remove a piece of paper with one hand. 4. The patented "soft V-notch" improves...

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    Product Size: 12 bags / 25 packs   Product Description: 1. Silicone, spices, propylene glycol. 2. More than 99% of the aphid suppression effect! 3. Natural aroma to prevent mites. 4. Simply place it in your home, such as under a cushion or pillow, in a drawer or in a food storage room. 5. Use with daily cleaning as a countermeasure against allergens in...

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