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    Product Size: 7.2(cm)Length, 4.5(cm)Width, 9.5(cm)Height Net Weight: 90g Capacity: 8ml   Product Description: 1. Lightweight, palm size, easy to carry. 2. Easy to use and clean. 3. The operation sound is small, it can be used without worrying about time and place. 4. Two methods of inhalation: direct inhalation and carrying a mask. 5. The mesh sprays...

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    Product Size: 6(cm)Length, 3.3(cm)Width, 3(cm)Height Net Weight: 55g   Product Description: 1. It complies with the special requirements of the ISO "Basic Safety and Basic Performance of Pulse Oximeter Devices". 2. The vast majority of easy-to-see white organic EL displays confirm visibility even in the dark, rather than traditional color organic EL. 3....

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    Product Size: 6.2(cm)Length, 3.7(cm)Width, 3.2(cm)Height Net Weight: 43g(with battery)   Product Description: 1. Measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate through the hand artery. 2. Compact body with integrated sensor and display. 3. Have a reminder function. 4. You can change the display orientation, brightness, and size of the text so that the measurer...

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    Product Size: 12.1(cm)Width, 2.4(cm)Depth, 6.7(cm)Height Net Weight: 130g   Product Description: 1. Record symptoms such as palpitations on the spot. 2. A home electrocardiograph that displays the ECG waveform that can be used to diagnose a doctor. 3. 2 AAA alkaline batteries. 4. The heart rate count ranges from 2 to 200 beats per minute. 5. Using OMRON's...

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    Product Size: 26(cm)Width, 14.5(cm)Depth, 17(cm)Height Net Weight: 2.5kg Spray amount: 3.5ml/min Chemical solution cup capacity: up to 100 mL   Product Description: 1. A small amount of chemical solution can be effectively atomized by using a small number of atomized lid sets provided by the standard. 2. A small number of atomizing caps are equipped with...

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    Product Size: 27(cm)Length, 16.2(cm)Width, 10.6(cm)Height Pressure Range: 4-20cmH2O Pressure Regulation Accuracy: 0.2cmH2O   Product Description: 1. Single level automatic ventilator. 2. Japan imported turbine fan, using "air cushion" buffer design, the operation is more stable and reliable. Continuous use up to 100,000 hours, excellent stability, is the...

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    Product size: 247 × 370 × 623mm Net weight: 17kg   Features: *Medical grade 5-liter oxygen generator. *American special compressor. *All aluminum alloy France molecular sieve, stable oxygen supply. *American 6PSI humidifying bottle. *The European Union axial flow fan can run continuously for 24 hours. *Medical grade copper tube aluminum fin...

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