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  • HKD $8,200

    Product Size: 27(cm)Length, 16.2(cm)Width, 10.6(cm)Height Pressure Range: 4-20cmH2O Pressure Regulation Accuracy: 0.2cmH2O   Product Description: 1. Single level automatic ventilator. 2. Japan imported turbine fan, using "air cushion" buffer design, the operation is more stable and reliable. Continuous use up to 100,000 hours, excellent stability, is the...

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  • HKD $8,500

    Product size: 247 × 370 × 623mm Net weight: 17kg   Features: *Medical grade 5-liter oxygen generator. *American special compressor. *All aluminum alloy France molecular sieve, stable oxygen supply. *American 6PSI humidifying bottle. *The European Union axial flow fan can run continuously for 24 hours. *Medical grade copper tube aluminum fin...

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  • HKD $1,118

    Dimensions: 157mm x 186mm x 100mm  Net Weight: 1.4kg Features: * The atomization rate can be adjusted as you like * Fine atomization, deposition in the lung area * High-quality compressor, durable and long-lasting use * High-efficiency silencing device, silencing footpad design * Medicine cup capacity: 8mL * Atomization rate: ≥ 0.2mL/min * The median...

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  • HKD $24,800

    Dimensions: 255 x 170 x 120mm   Product Description: * 1 to 3 gears can be adjusted at will Pulse flow rate: equivalent to 2 liters/min±10% oxygen concentration 86±3% First gear flow rate: equivalent to 1 liter/min±10% oxygen concentration 86±3% Second gear flow: equivalent to 3 liters/min ±10% oxygen concentration 86 ± 3% Three levels of flow: equivalent...

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