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    Product size:   Thickness: 1.5 cmLength: 7 cm Width: 6.9 cmWeight: 86 g Product description: 1. Lightweight and chic fashion design. Suitable for carrying around. 2. Heart rate mismatch prompt function. 3. Physical misoperation prompt function. 4. Can store 90 memories. 5. Display the average of the last 3 measurements. 6. Soft wrist strap for more...

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  • HKD $622

    Product Size: 11.7(cm)Length, 14.2(cm)Width, 6(cm)HeightNet Weight: 245g Product Description:1. Support accurate measurements, family-use sphygmomanometers.2. Type 3 dry batteries X4, or matching AC adapters.3. For 4 people in the morning/night, the measurement data can be stored up to 60 times.4. Need to use on clothes with loose cuffs.5. Japanese brand.

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  • HKD $700

    Product Size: 14.1(cm)Length, 10.7(cm)Width, 7.9(cm)Height Net Weight: 280g   Product Description: 1. Equipped with the latest blood pressure measurement technology, the best blood pressure measurement can be made according to each person's characteristics (such as arm thickness, breathing, etc.). 2. There are 90 memory functions to store data. 3. The...

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