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    Product Size: 14.9(cm)Length, 3.5(cm)Width, 3.8(cm)Thickness Net Weight: about 35g   Product Description: 1. The average time required to measure the temperature is 20 seconds. 2. Use it under your arm. 3. It is waterproof and can be cleaned. 4. Includes two trial button batteries LR41. 5. Made in Japan

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  • HKD $328

    Product Size: 12.1(cm)Length, 4.8(cm)Width, 3.5(cm)Depth Net Weight: 45g(excluding socket)   Product Description: 1. Use an infrared sensor to predict the temperature of the ear canal, skin (forehead, etc.). 2. The shortest measurement time is 1 second. 3. Comes with a coin-type battery CR 2032. 4. The certification number is No.224AIBZX00072000. 5. Made...

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  • HKD $339

    Product Size: 15(cm)Length, 4(cm)Width, 5.1(cm)Depth Net Weight: about 74g   Product Description: 1. The measurement time is approximately 1 second. 2. Requires 2 AAA batteries. 3. When the measured person's body temperature reaches 37.5° or above, there will be a sound effect for 6 times continuously for letting the measured person know. 4. Available in...

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  • HKD $465

    Product Size: 4.8(cm)Width, 2.9(cm)Depth, 18.8(cm)Height Net Weight: 82g (including battery weight)   Product Description: 1. Can be used to measure body temperature, the surface temperature of objects and room temperature in space, for three purposes. 2. A product that measures radiation heat from the forehead and is converted to body temperature. It...

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