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    Product Size: 3.3(cm)Height,9.3(cm)Width Capacity: 7 times   Product Description: 1. Polypropylene box casing, polystyrene cover. 2. The pill is very easy to remove. Simply press the center white button to rotate the case and the pill can be removed without error. 3. It is very easy to put the pill, just open the green lid and you can put the pill in 7...

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    Product Size : 10(cm) Length, 4(cm)Width, 11.8(cm) Height, 1.6(cm) Height for single box. Product Description:1. It can be kept from one day or one week.2. The design is easy to carry by hand.3. The main body is made of polypropylene, the cover is made of polystyrene, and the outer casing is made of AS material.4. The design of the slider makes it easy...

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    Product Size: 3.5(cm)Width, 1.6(cm)Depth, 4.8(cm)Height(Chain length: 70cm)   Product Description: 1. Acrylic body, electroplated brass chain, rubber ring. 2. Portable neck design. 3. Use silicone tape to wear it without worrying about sweat. 4. Thin and round shape, light and portable. 5. For those who are taking medicine for emergency use, such as...

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