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    Product Size: 17(cm)Length, 26(cm)Width, 4.4(cm)Thickness Net Weight: 1kg   Product Description: 1. Water, antifreeze, gelling agent, preservative body, cotton, polyester pillow cover. 2. Refrigerator pillow for the small freezer can be used repeatedly. 3. It is a frozen gel that is durable, compact and easy to handle. 4. The double-layer flexible...

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  • HKD $480

    Product Size: about 35(cm)Length, about 50(cm)Width   Product Description: 1. Use a hose material with uniform effects. 2. The internal material is 100% polyethylene. 3. The side area is polyester. 4. Made in Japan.

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  • HKD $950

    Product Size: 30(cm)Length, 45(cm)Width, 6 - 8(cm)Height   Product Description: 1. The entire pillow can be disassembled and cleaned. 2. The body is a 100% low-repellent polyurethane foam. 3. The surface and cover fabric is 75% cotton and 25% polyester. 4. Use water-absorbent balls for excellent water absorption. 5. Available in blue and pink (covering...

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