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  • HKD $3,280

    Product Size: 180(cm)Length, 65(cm)Width, 0.4(cm)Thickness Net Weight: about 2.7KG   Product Description: 1.A double layer structure of polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam. 2. The cover is 100% polyester (antibacterial, flame retardant, waterproof). 3. Can be folded, easy storage. 4. Reduce impact and easy to walk. 5. Available in blue color. 6. Made...

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  • HKD $7,099

    Product Size: 191(cm)Length, 83/91(cm)Width, 8(cm)Height Net Weight: 8.7KG   Product Description: 1. It has a unique three-dimensional network structure design and is highly breathable. 2. 3D design, fit ergonomics, reduce waist pressure. 3. The body is made of polyethylene. 4. The surface bed cover is double rosin fabric, which gives the user a cool and...

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  • HKD $8,322

    Product Size: 90(cm)Width, 180/190(cm)Length, 12(cm)Height Net Weight: 6.6KG   Product Description: 1. Unique dimple foam design that effectively absorbs pressure and greatly reduces user stress. 2. Achieve an ideal sleep posture. 3. The body material is rubber touch polyurethane foam and high hardness polyurethane foam. 4. The surface and side bed covers...

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