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    Product Size: One Size Fits All  *Product image color is only used for product display   Product Description:1. The segmented design can generate restraint pressure on the instep and the ankle, and the staggered sticking of the spouse and high elasticity band can adjust the degree of pressurization, strengthen the internal and external stability when the...

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    Product Size: S - L                 S: 21.5 - 23cm                 M: 23.5 - 25cm                 L: 25.5 - 27cm   Product Description: 1. Simple to wear, thin and breathable. 2. Nylon and polyurethane. 3. There is a dedicated version with left and right feet. 4. Thin and breathable, can be used for a long time, effectively preventing the growth of mites...

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    Product Size: M - L (87 - 100cm) / L - LL (92 - 105cm)   Product Description: 1. The material is 15% nylon 85% polyurethane. 2. We supervised the medical doctor “Kentaro Fususe” to provide the ability to change the braiding of the various parts so that it can support the movement of the lower body. 3. Because you can walk while supporting the muscles...

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    Product Size: S (17 - 20cm) / M (19 - 23cm) / L (22 - 25cm) ankle circumference   Product Description: 1. The product is made of nylon and polyurethane. 2. Apply the ideal pressure from the ankle to the calf, and we gently support the calf through the support line. 3. The product is very light and breathable, and can be easily and easily matched with...

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    Product Size: S: 22 - 24.5 (cm), L: 25 - 27.5 (cm)   Product Description: 1. The protective sleeve assists the flat foot with a bottom arched design to reduce the pain in the sole. 2. Flat feet and high arches can place a heavy burden on the sole and can cause pain in the feet. 3. This bottom pad forms a vertical arch that relieves the impact of the arch...

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    Product Size: S(22 - 24.5cm), L(25-27.5cm)   Product Description: 1. Nylon and polyurethane. 2. When you walk or run, your heels produce a strong impact, which can worsen the symptoms of people with pain in the legs, knees and lower back and delay recovery. 3. This product uses “Turbo®”, an artificial muscle that protects the body. The “Turbo®” born in...

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