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    Product Size: One Size For All *Product image color is only used for product display   Product Description:1. The adjustable front opening design can pressurize and offset the impact force received by the sacrum and reduce the friction between the sacrum and the joint. 2. Far-infrared rays raise the temperature of the body surface to promote circulation....

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    Product Size: 25 - 50(cm)Knee width Net Weight: 99.8g (pair)   Product Description: 1. Silk, polyester material. 2. Ribbed knit, with excellent elasticity, so you can wear it comfortably without tightening. 3. It can be used as a cold-proof measure during housework or on the road. It can also be used as a cold air warming measure in the summer or as an...

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    Product Size: M - L: (33 - 41cm), L - LL: (37 - 45cm) *The size is above the knee width   Product Description: 1. Nylon, polyester material. 2. A thin, non-stick, lightweight support that secures the knee with a double strap. 3. We will use a flexible double strap to tightly fit around the knee and reduce the fit. 4. The coil bones on both sides prevent...

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    Product size: M: 30 - 34(cm) / L: 34 - 38(cm) / LL: 38 - 42(cm) / F: 38 - 46(cm)  *Available for both left or right knee Product Description: 1. Polyester, nylon and polyurethane fabrics. 2. Worried that the use of the time is too long and the blood does not circulate? 3. Worried that the thickness of the protective gear is too high. Although it has a...

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    Product Size: S: (26 - 30cm), M: (30 - 34cm), L: (34 - 38cm), LL: (38 - 42cm), 3L: (42 - 46cm)  * How to choose the size: when standing normally, according to the thickness of 5 cm below the center of the knee plate Product description: 1. The fiber material is nylon, polyester and polyurethane. 2. The outer material of the fiber is polyurethane, acrylic...

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