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    Product Size: S / M - L / XL   Product Description:1. The mesh bag is equipped with adjustable straps designed to place the injured arm in place and provide the most stable support for the arm during the reconstructive phase.2. The special material used for the mesh bag has a breathable effect, which reduces the sweltering feeling of the arm.3. Applicable...

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    Product Size:One Size For All *Product image color is only used for product display   Product Description:1. Give appropriate pressure support to the wrist to prevent injury to the wrist or stabilize the injured area to assist with recovery. 2. The single-wound type can be adjusted according to individual needs while maintaining the active space of the...

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    Product Size: 37(cm)Length, 8.5(cm)Width, 0.7(cm)Thickness Net Weight: 45g   Product Description: 1. The material is polyester, nylon, rayon, polyurethane, polypropylene nylon. 2. Exercise-induced anxiety and wrist anxiety are firmly fixed by magic glue. 3. The wrist is fastened by winding the wrist to provide high protection. 4. In golf and other sports,...

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    Product Size: Wrist13 - 20cm,Palm14 - 19cm   Product Description:1. Breathable mesh surface on the back of the hand.2. The inner layer is partitioned to prevent the palm from rotating inside the glove.

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