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    Product Size: 9.5(cm)Width, 40(cm)Length Net Weight: 80g   Product Description: 1. 100% acrylic surface, 100% polyester ground yarn, 100% polyester base fabric back, acrylic resin. 2. Can be used for warm toilet seat type, O type, U type, any type of toilet seat. 3. Thanks to its moderate thickness and soft, warm texture, the toilet seat heater can be...

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    Product Size: 23.3(cm)Height, 6(cm)Diameter Capacity: 400ml (Can be use about 80 times)   Product Description: 1. Fatty acid amine derivatives, plant-derived deodorants, disinfecting ingredients, LPG. 2. Weakly alkaline liquid. 3. Natural materials, friendly to the environment and the body. 4. The effect lasts up to 72 hours (in combination with care in...

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    Product Size: 65(cm)Length X 38(cm)Width Capacity: 20 bags / box   Product Description: 1. The product is rolled into a roll, it is easy for use and storage. 2. Can absorb 4 times of urination. 3. Made in Japan.

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