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  • HKD $3,162

    Product Size: 65(cm)Length, 70.6(cm)Width, 94.3(cm)Height, 47 - 81.1(cm) Table Height Net Weight: 5.5kg   Product Description: 1. Epoxy resin powder coated steel, vinyl leather covering material, polyurethane foam cushioning material. 2. Repeated excretions in everyday life, everyone wants to do this without help. 3. This product is a self-supporting tool...

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  • HKD $4,200

    Product Size: 46(cm)Length, 66(cm)Width, 60/65/70(cm)Height adjustment Net Weight: 12kg   Product Description: 1. Steel frame base and steel plus resin handrails. 2. Support functions such as standing and sitting. 3. It has a wood grain color tone and a soft and smooth shape. 4. The position of the armrest can be changed to the left or right depending on...

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  • HKD $5,658

    Product Size: 47(cm)Length, 58/60.5/63/65.5/68(cm)Height adjustment, 45 - 68.5(cm)Width adjustment Net Weight: 6.8kg Weight Capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Aluminum and stainless steel body, antibacterial foam resin armrest. 2. You can adjust the height and width of the armrest according to your body. 3. In addition, the armrest can be raised...

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