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  • HKD $1,890

    Product Size : 55.5(cm) Depth, 59(cm) Width, 76.5(cm) Height included seat cover, 38(cm) Seat Height Net Weight : 4.6KG Weight Capacity : 100KG Product Description: 1. Moveable inner bucket easy to clean. 2. Provided toilet paper placement rack. 3. Full Length armrest  4. Polypropylene main body, inner bucket, seat and cover. 5. Japanese Brand.

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    Product Size: 103(cm)Length, 61.5(cm)Width, 92(cm)HeightNet Weight: 16.1KGWeight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy main frame.2. The PU armrest can be lifted to allow the user to transfer seat to seat.3. Can evert and disassemble the pedal.4. The height of the pedals can be adjusted.5. PU cushions are easy to clean.6. 5 inch front...

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  • HKD $3,138

    Product Size:57(cm)Depth,53(cm)Width,75 - 87(cm)Adjustable Height,35 - 47(cm)Adjustable Backrest Height,0/18/20/22/24(cm)Adjustable Handrail HeightNet Weight:9.5KG Product Description: 1. Need to be easily assembled by hand. 2. The easy-to-open seat cushion can be easily opened by the force of the spring with a slight lift. By pushing the cushion cover,...

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  • HKD $3,213

    Product Size: 50(cm)Length, 61(cm)Width, 74 - 84(cm)Height adjustment, 39/41.5/43.5/46/49(cm)Seat height adjustment, 20(cm)Armrest height Net Weight: 6.2kg   Product Description: 1. The body is made of steel and has a solid structure. 2. PVC, polyurethane foam seat. 3. Elegant design from France. 4. You can easily stand and sit in the larger foot space....

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  • HKD $3,580

    Product Size:55(cm)Depth,55(cm)Width,71 - 87(cm)Adjustable Height,33 - 49(cm)Adjustable Backrest Height,18/21/24/27/30(cm)Adjustable Handrail heightNet Weight:About10.9KG   Product Description:1. Need to be assembled by hand.2. The material is made of resin.3. The seat is cushioned and will not feel uncomfortable for long periods of use.4. Under the...

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  • HKD $2,930

    Product Size: 55(cm)Depth, 50(cm)Width, 79 - 85(cm)Height Adjustment, 40(cm) Width between handrail and armrest, 36 - 42(cm)Seat Height Adjustment, 18 - 24(cm)Armrest Height adjustment Net Weight: 14.5KG   Product Description:1. The height of the toilet seat is adjusted to 36, 39, 42cm, and the height is selected according to the user's physique and...

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    Product Size: 62(cm)Length, 50(cm)Width, 72 - 78(cm)Backrest Height, 32/35/38(cm)Seat Height Net Weight: 11.5kg Weight capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Rubberwood body, PVC synthetic leather seat cushion, and cushion, PP toilet, elastic foot pad. 2. When not in use, simply remove the toilet and use it like normal furniture. 3. The weight of the...

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  • HKD $5,590

    Product Size: 59.5 (cm) Depth, 53.5 (cm) Width, 81.5-90.5 (cm) Adjustable Height, 37/40/43/46(cm)Adjustable Backrest Height, 19/21.5/24 (cm) Adjustable Handrail HeightNet Weight: About 18KG  Product Description:1. No assembly required, assembled.2. The caster is attached to the base.3. There are two buckets attached.4. The left and right armrests can be...

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    Product Size: 53(cm)Width, 58(cm)Depth, 78.5 - 94.5(cm)Height adjustment, 37 - 53(cm)Seat height adjustment, 19 - 24(cm)Armrest height adjustment Net Weight: 22kg Weight Capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Polyurethane resin-coated natural wood body, natural wood handrail. 2. Polyurethane foam, synthetic leather seat, and backrest. 3. Polypropylene...

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