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  • HKD $560

    Product Size: 52.5(cm)Width, 80.5 - 98.5(cm)Height adjustment, 50(cm)DepthNet Weight: 4.3KGWeight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy pipe, light and durable.2. HDPE plastic seat cover.3. Plastic bucket with lid, easy to clean after use.4. Easy to carry, save space for storage.5. Adjustable leg tube.6. Equipped with a push button...

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  • HKD $880

    Product Size: 63 - 79(cm)Armrest Height, 83 - 99(cm)Backrest Height, 45 - 61(cm)Cushion HeightNet Weight: 10.6KGWeight Capacity: 133KG   Product Description:1. The use of 25.4 mm diameter iron pipe, a solid structure. 2. Can usually be used as a sofa chair, when the user needs, the seat can be turned into a toilet chair after the lift. 3. Waterproof PVC...

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  • HKD $2,580

    Product Size: 103(cm)Length, 61.5(cm)Width, 92(cm) HeightNet Weight: 16.1KGWeight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy main frame.2. The PU armrest can be lifted to allow the user to transfer seat to seat.3. Can evert and disassemble the pedal.4. The height of the pedals can be adjusted.5. PU cushions are easy to clean.6. 5 inch front...

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  • HKD $4,680

    Product Size: (Length) 1090mm x (Width) 550mm x (Height) 1140mm Seat height: 516mm Seat area: 395 x 460mm Maximum load: 136kg Net weight: 14.5kg   Product Description: *Aluminum alloy mainframe, light and durable *PU armrest, backrest, seat cushion, headrest *Removable long commode with lid for easy cleaning *Removable and foldable foot pedal, which is...

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