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  • HKD $338

    Product Size: S - LL                    S: 38(cm)Width X 40(cm)Length                    M: 38(cm)Width X 55(cm)Length                    L: 38(cm)Width X 70(cm)Length                   LL: 38(cm)Width X 85(cm)Length Net Weight: about 1.7KG   Product Description: 1. Synthetic rubber material. 2. Safety mat with drain holes. 3. The design with a triangular...

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  • HKD $390

    Product size: 70  cm x 90 cm Product description: 1. Deodorant, Waterproof, Non-slip carpet.For Portable toilet.  2. Containing green tea catechin to effectively remove the smell of Ammonia. 3. Suitable for placement under a portable toilet seat or nearly the bed. 4. Prevents dirt on the floor.  5. Can be washed by washing machine and easy to clean.  6....

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  • HKD $990

    Product Size: 40(cm)Length, 40(cm)Width, 4 - 5 (cm)Thickness Net Weight: 900g   Product Description: 1. Polyether and polyester body, back anti-slip sheet and PVC seat cushion cover. 2. It is a special seat cushion that gently supports the buttocks and is fixed in the bathtub. 3. The material is smooth and has no pain in the buttocks and back. 4. The mesh...

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