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    Product size: 40.7 (cm) Seat Length, 36.9 (cm) Seat Width, 15.2(cm) Seat Height Product description:1. PP injection molding.2. Anti-fouling and easy to clean.3. It can reduce the magnitude of the user's sit and stand up and reduce the burden on the waist and feet.4. Available with 2", 4" and 6" options.

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    Product Size: 41(cm)Length, 37(cm)Width, 16(cm)Height Net Weight: 2kg Weight Capacity: 120kg   Product Description: 1. High-density polyurethane (PVC coating), polypropylene cover. 2. 11 cm pad height. 3. The inner hole is 22cm length x 26cm width. 4. Ergonomic body design. 5. The surface is PVC coated for easy cleaning. 6. The interior is made of...

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    Product Size: Regular: 49.8(cm)Length / enlarged: 52.8(cm)Length, 36.6(cm)Width, 5(cm)Thickness Net Weight: 1.3kg Weight Capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Polypropylene material. 2. The toilet seat is 5cm high, allowing you to sit down easily by raising the toilet seat you are currently using. 3. For those who are slightly smaller and difficult to...

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