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    Product Size: 36(cm)Length, 74(cm)Width, 3.5(cm)Thickness Net Weight: 3.4kg Weight Capacity: 100kg   Product Description: 1. Polypropylene main body, fixed tool core, handle, elastic non-slip cap, fixed anti-slip, polyacetal skateboard, fixing screws. 2. Reduce the burden on the buttocks, round and easy to enter and exit. 3. It is easy to see the easy...

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  • HKD $2,830

    Product size: 74(cm)Length, 36(cm)Width, 3.8(cm)Thickness, 6(cm)Seat height Net Weight: 3.1KG   Product Description: 1. With safety rails, users are safer when entering and leaving the bathtub. 2. According to personal needs, the safety rails can be fixed and fixed by themselves. 3. The bathing board has a rotatable seat plate that allows the user to...

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  • HKD $3,790

    Product Size : 50(cm)Width, 32(cm)Depth, 36 - 60(cm)HeightNet Weight: 3.7KG Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy body bracket for better oxidation resistance.2. The resin is seated and easier to clean.3. Porous height adjustment, suitable for any height bathtub.4. Non-slip mats for enhanced anti-slip function.5. Equipped with a quick fixing clip, which...

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