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  • HKD $398

    Product Size: 160(cm)Length, 105(cm)Waterproof Length, 90(cm)Width   Product Description: 1. High durability, because of the use of fabric, it can also support customers who use thick mattresses. 2. Absorbent part denim fabric (35% cotton, 65% polyester). 3. Polyurethane film. 4. Heat resistance, heat resistance temperature can reach 150° . 5. A dryer can...

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  • HKD $933

    Product Size: 30(cm)Length, 45(cm)Width, 20(cm)HeightNet Weight: 1.4KG Product Description:1. Use aluminum alloy material.2. This outdoor footstool provides assistance when the user gets in and out of the car.3. Anti-slip function with anti-slip seat on the surface and side.4. Reflective film is provided o ensure safety even at night.5. Japanese brand.

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  • HKD $171

    Product Size: 15.5(cm)Length, 7(cm)Grip Width Product Description :1. Four-in-one scissors to cut pills of different sizes.2. Fix the small pill in the front of the scissors for easy pick up.3. The middle section of the scissors helps to cut the small pill.4. The rear section of the scissors helps to cut the large pill.5. The serrations in the middle of...

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  • HKD $138

    Flow range: 0 -15 (lpm)Import pressure: 2000 (psi)Setting: 1/4 (lpm)Flow range: 0.188 - 0.313 (lpm) Product description:1. Normal working pressure: 300 - 2400 psi.2. Maximum inlet pressure: 3000 psi.3. Outlet pressure nominal: 30 psi.4. Optional outlet flow: OFF, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 15 lpm.5. Entrance connection: CGA 8706. Outlet...

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  • HKD $125

    Product Description:1. Can reduce the virus by more than 99%.2. The nose shape of the mask is perfect for the user's nose.3. Use an easy-to-wear cotton earmuff rubber that will not cause discomfort to the ears.4. 50 / box.5. Japanese brand.

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  • HKD $45

    Product size: 5/8" diameter   Product description:1. Help tighten buttons and zippers.2. Wooden handle with steel hooks.

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  • HKD $286

    Product Size:90(cm)Length,145(cm)Width   Product Description:1. Waterproof, strong sweat absorption, good touch on the skin.2. Polyurethane film, polyester fiber, 100% cotton at the bottom.3. Strong sweat absorption and soft material.4. Heat resistance, heat resistance temperature can reach 150 °.5. A dryer can be used.6. Available in blue and green.7....

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  • HKD $2,178

    Product Size: 62(cm)Length, 60(cm)Width, 92 - 104 (cm)Adjustable Height, 35/38/41/44/47(cm)Adjustable seat height, 56 (cm)Armrest height, 90 ° - 140 ° ( cm) backrest tilt Net Weight: 14.3KG   Product Description: 1. For elderly use. 2. The structural material is natural wood (polyurethane resin coating). 3. The steel cushioning material is polyurethane...

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  • HKD $199

    Product Size: 14.9(cm)Length, 3.5(cm)Width, 3.8(cm)Thickness Net Weight: about 35g   Product Description: 1. The average time required to measure the temperature is 20 seconds. 2. Use it under your arm. 3. It is waterproof and can be cleaned. 4. Includes two trial button batteries LR41. 5. Made in Japan

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  • HKD $700

    Waist size:  (S) 50 - 70 cm                  (M) 60 - 100 cm                  (L)  80 - 120 cm Description:  1. Body skin surface: Polyethylene. 2. With the handle at the time of bathing assistance. 3. Even if it gets wet with water, it won't slip easily.

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  • HKD $16,000

    Size: Length 213 cm (Inner 204 cm) x Width 107 cm (Inner 91 cm) Height adjustable 32 - 62 cm          Backrest adjustment angle 0 - 70 degree, Knee adjustment angle 0 - 30 degree Weight capacity: 90 kg Product description: 1. High quality wooden headboards and bed tailgates. 2. quick release guardrail. 3. The backrest and legs can be adjusted up and...

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  • HKD $498

    Product size:   Thickness: 1.5 cmLength: 7 cm Width: 6.9 cmWeight: 86 g Product description: 1. Lightweight and chic fashion design. Suitable for carrying around. 2. Heart rate mismatch prompt function. 3. Physical misoperation prompt function. 4. Can store 90 memories. 5. Display the average of the last 3 measurements. 6. Soft wrist strap for more...

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